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ModelSLeaderboard - Executive chauffeur in Kent

Sumptuous, State-of-the-art and Sophisticated with a Smooth, Silent and Safe (Euro NCAP 5-Star Safety Rating) ride, these could be the hallmarks that put the “S” into “Model S”. Feeling as though you are simply gliding whilst being whisked effortlessly along with no accompanying engine roar and just the merest whisper from the tyres gently caressing the tarmac is what makes the Tesla Model S driving experience like no other.

Sensational Performance

Tesla Max Speed

With its all-electric powertrain delivering near maximum torque the instant your foot touches the accelerator, and a rigid body structure enhanced by an exceptionally low centre of gravity to endow it with outstanding stability and agility, driving a Tesla Model S is nothing short of exhilarating. And with awesome statistics like: 0-60 in 4.2 seconds; a standing-start quarter mile in 13.5 seconds; a top speed of 140mph; and all with zero emissions, need we say more!?


Depending on the model and your driving style, official NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) figures for the Tesla Model S indicate you can expect to enjoy between 250 and 300 miles carefree driving between charges.

Tesla Type 2 Charging Cable

Convenient Charging

Tesla Model S all-electric sedans have Type-2 specification charging connectors fitted as standard, and these are compatible with both domestic and all UK and European public charging points.

Unlike Ni-Cads, it is recommended that Lithium-ion batteries, a) are topped up before their charge is depleted, and b) are never fully charged (they can be, but 80-90% capacity is better for prolonging battery life expectancy). For more about charging Li-ion batteries, see: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries

The nationwide network of Tesla ‘Supercharger’ Stations, with stations providing 2–6 charging points, is also growing. These are available and completely free for all Tesla drivers to use and will give top up charge of around 50% of the battery’s capacity in 20 or so minutes, and will charge it to 80%(+) capacity, enough to give you up to another 175-200 miles range, in just 30–40 minutes. Your Model S onboard satellite-navigation is constantly being updated with the locations of Tesla’s Supercharger Stations as they come online. Click here to find out more… http://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/supercharger

Moreover, with more and more public charging stations coming online in towns, motorway services’ areas and car parks, and with many businesses, leisure facilities and retail parks now providing free EV charging for their patrons, charging your Tesla Model S mid-journey has never been easier.