bolt Electrifying bolt Performance from the Sensational Tesla Model-S P85D

The P85D is the new dual-motor, all-wheel drive incarnation of the outstanding and highly-acclaimed Tesla Model S, Pure-EV. With supercar performance that delivers a phenomenal top speed of around 155mph, and heart-stopping acceleration that rockets you from a standing start to 60mph in a mere 3.1 seconds, the P85D is one of the quickest and most exhilarating five-door sedans in the world today.

Tesla, however, believes that speed and high-performance are not in themselves the definitive benchmarks of what makes a true supercar. Comfort, luxury and sophistication also feature high in Tesla’s demanding priorities. With seating and legroom aplenty to accommodate five full-grown adults, and two boots for their luggage; state-of-the-art Sat-Nav; Wi-Fi, Internet and Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone interface, and climate-control and in-car entertainment systems – all centrally monitored and regulated with a touch or swipe of a finger on the onboard touchscreen computer; Tesla has created a new Supremo supercar league for the P85D to occupy all by itself!


“Dual-Motor, All-Wheel Drive”

Revolutionary and evolutionary, the P85D with its two motor/biaxial drives has an enhanced power-to-weight ratio and superlative traction and electronic stability control that all meld together seamlessly to make this all-electric supercar significantly faster and nimbler than its Model S siblings. This superb blending of enormous power and outstanding control endows the P85D with a breathtaking performance that will astound, delight and thrill even the most die-hard of “petrol-heads”, and all without coughing out so much as a single iota of environmental pollution.