Tesla Model S 75 with autopilot for hire

EVision Supercars are delighted to announce that the Tesla Model S 75 with autopilot has been added to the fleet.

The Tesla Model S 75 with autopilot is one of the safest, most exhilarating sedans on the road.

With sensational acceleration and effortless cruising in combination with an ultra-low centre of gravity, superb electronic stability and traction control all collaborate to make driving the Tesla Model S 75 with autopilot one of the most exhilarating experiences there is, and all without any exhaust emissions.

All Tesla supercars come with sophisticated, onboard touchscreen computers to facilitate systems monitoring and management.

The Model S 75 with autopilot comes complete with the following features:

  • Traffic aware cruise control
  • Automated lane centring
  • Emergency braking
  • Self-parking
  • Adaptive lighting

Inside the Tesla take delight in the peace and quiet as you enjoy the uniquely silent powertrain designed to obtain the dynamics of a recording studio.

Want to drive one?

EVision Electric Car Hires have two sparkling new Teslas, one in red and one in white, now ready for hire. To find out more visit our contact us page.