With EVision Electric Car Hire – the UK’s first and currently only executive, all-electric car rental company – you can now hire and drive a prestigious, high-performance, state-of-the-art supercar without compromising your environmental ethics; and with exhilarating acceleration that rockets you from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, driving the 140mph Model S Pure-EV is nothing short of electrifying!

The superb, sumptuous and sophisticated Tesla Model S 85 series comprises what is probably one of the most comprehensively-equipped, innovative and technologically-advanced range of five and five-plus-two seater, five door luxury sedans available in the world today. All it takes is a gentle tap or a swipe of a fingertip on the Tesla’s onboard computer’s, centrally-located touchscreen for you to monitor and control key functions such as: cabin and climate controls, driver personalisation, media and in-car entertainment, satnav and real-time traffic information, battery monitoring and management, and a whole multitude of additional features, while other applications include Bluetooth-enabled, voice controlled hands-free telecommunications and vehicle data.

Pivotal to the Tesla’s success of course is its ability to travel, subject to driving style, traffic and road conditions, up to 300+ miles between charges. With Tesla’s growing UK network of “Supercharger” stations, a 30 minute charge will give you another 170 miles, while other networks with “rapid” chargers will charge the 85kW battery to 80% capacity in little more than an hour. Overnight, your Tesla can be fully charged at home for under £10. Full instructions on how and where to charge your Tesla rental are contained within the Quick Guide in the Welcome Pack you receive with your hired vehicle.

Free Charging Unit

Every private self-drive rental exceeding 30 days’ qualifies to receive, fully installed, a free 7kW ChargedEV home charger; while a corporate self-drive rental of three months or more can have a free 11kW ChargedEV commercial unit installed at any residential or business premises.


All Tesla’s collected from our depots are supplied fully-charged by solar power!

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