Hire a Renault ZOE E - EVision Electric Vehicle Hire The Renault ZOE is a comfortable, relaxing and elegant five-door hatchback that has really taken the electric car world by storm. Renault, ZOE, EV, Electric Car, Vehicle Hire, Renault ZOE, hire a Renault ZOE, lease a Renault ZOE, rent a car
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Go further with ZOE

With cutting edge technology and a pleasantly surprising range, the Renault ZOE is very popular with our customers.

Model Renault Zoe E Dynamique EVR 90
Range 186 Miles*
0-60 MPH 13.5 Seconds
Max Speed 84 MPH
Seats 5
Mileage Unlimited

Renault ZOE

Length of Hire

1 - 90 Days

91 - 364 Days

365+ Days

Hire Charge
(Excluding VAT)
£25.00 / day £119.00 / week £87.00 / week
£5.00 / day £23.80 / week £17.40 / week
£30.00 / day £142.80 / week £104.40 / week



EVision Insurance
(With a £2000 excess)
£10.00 / day £50.00 / week £45.00 / week
EVision Insurance
(With a £250 excess)
£20.00 / day £100.00 / week £90.00 / week
Tyre Damage Insurance £3.00 / day £3.00 / day £3.00 / day
Screen Damage Insurance £3.00 / day £3.00 / day £3.00 / day

- Customers can take out their own insurance policy, in which case documents must be provided to EVision. EVision's Insurance is not required if the customer takes out their own insurance.
- A deposit of £2000 (or £250) is required to cover any damage in the event of an incident. This is refundable when the car is returned in a satisfactory condition.
- Prices based on collection from our pick up points. Delivery can be arranged at an additional cost.

*Range - The actual range that you experience will vary based on your particular use conditions. Vehicle range will vary depending on the vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operating, environmental and climate conditions.

**Prices quoted are for self collection of the vehicle from the EVision office. EVision can arrange delivery of the vehicle at the beginning of the hire and collection at the end of the hire for all vehicles, subject to an extra charge.
Account customers are not required to make a deposit when booking a vehicle. We are more than happy to set up business accounts subject to the usual credit checks and your acceptance of our standard Account Terms & Conditions.

All Hires: Mileage Fair Use Policy applies. See Terms & Conditions.

Hire a Renault ZOE E

The Renault ZOE is a comfortable, relaxing and elegant five-door hatchback that has really taken the electric car world by storm. With the Renault ZOEs low cost, these cars are one of the first vehicles that have truly made electric cars accessible to everyone, including those who want to rent a ZOE from EVision Electric Vehicle Hire.

Although the car is cheap by electric car standards, it has not compromised in style or performance. You feel the uninterrupted flow of power from the immediate application of torque once your foot depresses the accelerator. The ZOE is fun to drive, with feather-light and precise steering. As well as encompassing modern technology in the onboard display system.

The ZOE grips the road incredibly well and has a soft suspension that hides the bumps and cracks in the road with great aplomb. And with a range of up to 186 miles and top speed of 84mph, the ZOE is a car you can feel secure in taking onto the motorway.

However, it is urban and City driving where the ZOE really comes into its own. Being a small car with nippy acceleration it is perfect for everyday driving, allowing you to manoeuvre and change lanes quickly and with confidence.

Charging the Renault ZOE

The Renault ZOE can be charged using a domestic plug socket at a small cost in electricity. EVision Electric Vehicle Hire recommends using the ZapMap mobile app for locating public charge points for type 2 cables (the cable type used by Renault ZOEs). You will need to set up an account with the charge point provider (eg Pod-Point, Ecotricity or Polar Network). This is so the public charge point provider can debit the money from your account once you have charged the car.
The EVision Renault ZOE comes with a type 2 cable and home charging kit.

Short Term Hire

Hire a Renault ZOE from EVision Electric Car Hire from only £25.00* per day.

Long Term Hire

If you hire a Renault ZOE for a minimum contract period of three months, the price per week is reduced to £125.00*. This works out at only £17.86* per day!
*Excluding VAT and insurance

The Advantages of Hiring an Electric Car from EVision

  • A great benefit of hiring from EVision Electric Vehicle Hire is that the car is completely covered by us in terms of maintenance. We will fully service the car, giving you complete peace of mind.
  • You can give your car back at any time. You may not need the car 24/7. Perhaps you commute to the City and therefore an electric car Monday to Friday is all you require. This is absolutely no problem at all. You will not have to pay the cost of having the car over the weekend.
  • If you have a business meeting you can make an excellent impression by arriving in an electric car. What better way is there to say your business really cares about the environment!