EVision Electric Car Hire Gift Vouchers / Experience Bookings

(all prices include VAT and a full ‘tank’ of fuel)

Present the one you love with the gift of driving one of the most exhilarating, sophisticated and technologically advanced, prestige supercars in the world today. Our gift vouchers may either be redeemed to hire, in whole or part, one of our executive self-drive Tesla Model S Pure-EV sedans or treat your loved one to one of our “Experience” packages.

Tesla Model S Executive Supercar Experiences

Our all-electric supercar experiences allow you &/or your loved one the opportunity to sample and savour what it is like to drive the sensational and superb, state-of-the-art Tesla Model S Pure-EV executive sedan.

Feel the 140mph, Pure-EV Tesla surge forward as it unleashes virtually all of its 382HP electric motor’s 325 lb-ft of torque the instant your foot touches the accelerator, and revel in the breathtaking thrill of being rocketed from nought to 60mph in a heart-stopping 4.2 seconds. Luxuriate in the comfort and opulence of the Tesla’s plushly furnished cabin and marvel at the sheer sophistication of its ergonomics and comprehensive computerised systems and controls. Discover how a true supercar does not need to compromise either on creature comforts or safety or belch atmospheric pollution as the Tesla whisks you along with barely a whisper from the tyres and no accompanying engine roar.

Insurance Details

Either provide your own fully comprehensive insurance (we will need proof before you/gift-bearer collect the car) or take advantage of our insurance at an additional cost from £30 per day (excess & deposits apply). To add EVision insurance to your gift voucher please call us on 0208 755 7919.

All our “Experience” packages include VAT and come with unlimited mileage, so you can indulge yourself as fully as your selected package permits. The “Experiences” prices given below are for Tesla’s collected from either our Kent or Yorkshire offices. There will of necessity be an additional charge for cars that are delivered and collected.

A member of the EVision Electric Car Hire team will guide you through the multitude of diverse features and functions, many of which are monitored and controlled from the touchscreen computer, which makes the Tesla Model S a true supercar that is truly ahead of its time. Then it’s ready, get set, go! You will take the wheel and have an impressive 30-minute taster driving one of the world’s most popular all-electric supercars. Thinking of purchasing a Tesla and want a real feel for the car? Or perhaps you would like to surprise someone with a gift. Whatever the reason, this taster will wet your appetite.

Three hour

Experience the unique Tesla Model S over a 3 hour period on a self-drive basis.

Tesla Model S with Autopilot


Upgrade to P100D 


24 Hour Unforgettable

Experience the unique Tesla Model S over a 24-hour period.

Tesla Model S with Autopilot


Upgrade to P100D



Have a Tesla Model S for a whole weekend with collection on the Friday afternoon and return on the Monday morning.

Tesla Model S with Autopilot


Upgrade to P100D