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Elon Musk, the genius behind Tesla is in the news once again. This time it’s about an agreement that has been reached for a Tesla-based lawyer to pre-approve any tweets relating to topics such as Tesla’s finances, potential mergers, sales figures, new business lines or change in the company directors. It is thought that, should it be approved by a New York District Judge, this agreement will mean Mr Musk is no longer facing a contempt of court charge that was brought against him for failing a previous agreement with the SEC is in the news once again. This time it’s about an(Securities and Exchange Commission) to have his tweets approved.

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The tweet that got the Tesla electric car company owner in trouble in the first place was when Mr Musk claimed that he was taking the Tesla Company private on the stock market, stating that he had the funding to do so. Elon then tweeted within days that he had changed his mind and was no longer taking the company private. The SEC, who carried out an investigation following the first tweet, found that Mr Musk had been telling fibs and that there was no funding in place for taking Tesla private. The SEC took Elon Musk to court and it was so ordered that Mr Musk would have to have his tweets reviewed by a lawyer. Elon failed to abide by this ruling and was, as a result, held in contempt of court.

To the untrained eye, this tweet would seem highly innocuous. However, once the announcement was made, other listed companies were soon affected in an adverse way (One of the reasons why the SEC have rules to follow). Whether this latest development will stop Elon from posting interesting and, sometimes, controversial views we just won’t know until time tells us. However, the Tesla owner’s, sometimes controversial, tweets will be missed by his following should he decide to take a back seat on the social media front. Let’s have a look back at some of those memorable snippets from the man who made our Tesla rental company possible. Are they the work of madness or a genius marketing strategy? We’ll let you decide.

The Tesla Twitter Titan – King of Content Controversy

Elon Musk is adept at using the shock factor when promoting his Tesla brand. I assume that what he does is often done with the intention of getting people talking about Tesla. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity… right?

In the middle of 2018 Elon Musk came under heavy fire from more than one union following a tweet the Tesla boss sent suggesting that his Tesla workers should not be members of a union(something that he has denied), thus interfering with the rights of Tesla employees. Elon Musk is well known to work long weeks (sometimes up to 120 hours) and he clearly wanted a strong commitment from workers during the time of the Model 3 production issues. The tweet certainly did not go down well.

The Tesla boss has a serious love/hate relationship with the media. And when they get on Mr Musk’s bad side, Mr Musk has the tendency to bite back. This is exactly what he did via Twitter during a period where there were a number of investigative reports on the safety of the Tesla factory. Elon Musk invited people via Twitter to vote on the “core truth” of the many media reports, creating a credibility score for journalists, editors and their publications. This scheme, Musk suggested, should be called Pravda. For those of us who remember the days of communist Russia, Pravda was the official newspaper of the Eastern nation that was heavily controlled by the State. Maybe Elon wanted to suggest that the State were interfering with his company. Maybe he just wanted to use the word Pravda as it translates into ‘truth’ from Russian. Only Elon Musk knows the answer to that one.

Probably the most controversial comment from Musk, as far as the general public is concerned, was when he called British ex-pat Vernon Unsworth a paedophile. For those who don’t remember, following a situation where 12 Thai schoolboy football players became trapped in an underwater cave, one of the people who answered the call to rescue the children was a British ex-pat pothole diving expert currently living in Thailand. This man, Vernon Unsworth, led a successful team effort to retrieve the boys from a dangerous and potentially deadly situation. The efforts were not all plain sailing though. Our friend, Mr Musk, was determined to help by sending over a small submarine type machine in order to help rescue the youngsters. Although done with good intentions, Elon did not take well to being told that his device was not suitable for the job by the expert divers on scene. He even went so far as to call the team leader, Vernon, a ‘pedo’ on Twitter, exclaiming that there was no other reason for Mr Unsworth living in Thailand. This, as you can imagine, did not go down well with Mr Unsworth who then proceeded to sue Mr Musk.

There are many things we can say about the Tesla king, but ‘dull’ isn’t one of them.

An Essential Madness

When you rent a Tesla from EVision Electric Car Hire you know that you are in something pretty special. So much about the Tesla cars are ahead of their time, and Tesla continue to push those boundaries. It takes a special kind of creative genius to come up with these ideas. However, as we see with many great geniuses of the past, you also get a degree of eccentricity, which Elon Musk clearly has. You cannot imagine McDonald’s, Coca Cola or Mercedes selling flamethrowers to their customers, but this is exactly what Elon Musk did. Yes, there is a sense of craziness to what he does. But it is an essential madness that has created a thing of awe and beauty. If it wasn’t for Elon’s quirks we wouldn’t be where we are today, on the brink of a major earth-saving revolution. It isn’t just a car that Elon Musk has given us. It’s a whole new way of life. The young generation are only too aware of this and show their appreciation. At EVision we receive so many enquiries from youngsters looking for Tesla prom cars in Kent and beyond. We have executives and eco-friendly customers using our executive chauffeur in Kent and beyond. The world is switching to electric cars because of a movement that was started by Tesla, and for that, I think we can forgive him when he tip-toes over the line on occasion.

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