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Red Tesla Model X and White Tesla Model S

A Year to be Remembered

The year 2012, a leap year that will certainly be remembered as a year that science and innovation made many great leaps. The Higgs Boson particle was (possibly) discovered in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the Curiosity Land Rover landed on Mars, the Nobel Prize for physics went to a team for their work in quantum computing, and London held the Olympic Games (where, let’s be honest, some athletes undoubtedly used “science” to win). 2012 was also the year that Tesla let the Model S 85 loose in the world, changing the face of the whole car industry, not just the electric car industry, forever. Yeah, this was a pretty good year.

A Classic Car?

It may seem odd at first using the term ‘classic car’ to describe a Tesla rental. Could you really call any electric car a classic, particularly when you rent a Tesla, one of the most contemporary brands in the world? Well, bear with me and it may become clearer.

Tesla Model S P100D Blue

What actually is a ‘classic car’? Well, even the definition varies depending on where you look and for what purpose. From my research I have seen anything from 15 to 40 years plus being stated as the age of which a car becomes a classic (and some would argue that there are cars that become old but will never become a classic car). So using the term for a car that was launched in 2012 may seem like a massive stretch of the imagination, a complete falsehood, even. However, we are not talking about conventional petrol or diesel vehicles. We are talking about an advanced electronic device.

An Electric Difference

A big difference between an electric car and a conventional car is the technology. Electric car technology has moved and is continuing to move at an electric pace (pardon the pun). The development of EVs is expanding far quicker than conventional vehicles ever did. And this is something that is common amongst a lot of electric items. A mobile phone from 2005 would seem almost prehistoric, but a petrol car from 2008, the year Tesla launched their first car, would not seem to have aged that much at all. Yet the original roadster is certainly classed as a classic electric car despite its relatively young age. And this is all down to the number of advances that have been made within that short space of time.

A Classic That Holds Its Own

Although a classic, by electric car standards anyway, the Tesla Model S 85 doesn’t lag behind other electric cars when it comes to performance. At a time where even the smaller cars are able to go further and further, the Tesla Model S 85 from 2012 is still equal to, if not better, than nearly all of them. The new Peugeot e208 for example can reportedly manage 211 on a full charge, which has been highly praised from many corners of the EV world. The Tesla Model S 85, in comparison, can do anywhere from 220 to 240 miles, depending on which configuration of Tesla rental you choose. Even 7 years later it is still beating the latest competition.

A Style That’s Back in Fashion

If you have read any of our previous blogs on the Tesla range, comparing the first generation to the second generation of Teslas, you will know that there are a few style differences. The nose on the first generation cars is much rounder than the second generation. This style fell out of fashion for a short while, with the second generation of cars adopting a more pointed frontage. However, as with most things, styles come back in fashion. You only need to look at the new cars that were unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show to see that the rounded style is back.

The style of car you choose is always a personal preference. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many different style on offer from all the different manufacturers. We have always found that the rounded front has been particularly popular with wedding events. It just works so well when complemented with the wedding ribbons. The Tesla Model S 85 is a true modern classic which fits in well with wedding photographs, and suits the debonair style of our chauffeurs. This is something I cannot see changing anytime soon. The Tesla Model S 85 has earned its place in electric car folklore. It deserves to be appreciated for its curvy beauty, raw power, and for the breaking down the barriers to the motor industry so that other electric cars could follow.

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